What to do about Halloween

"It's October!" My kiddo squealed. "I'm so excited about Halloween!" And here we go again... Halloween.  Nothing holds greater power to make good friends bitter enemies than Halloween. It's a clear-cut issue.  Halloween is the funnest day of the year... totally evil... dress-up fun... of the devil... time to be silly... time to be vigilant... [...]

Tired Eyes And Embracing God’s Ways

I've had glasses since I was 15 but I've not really worn them. They never seemed right. Some days they seemed ok. But on most days, I could see better without them. And life went on. Last year, when I started having chronic migraines, my ND recommended I get my eyes re-checked. So I did. [...]

How Should Christians Vote?

Hello hot topic: Politics in America. Hot. Topic. Is your FB feed full of political posts, jokes, memes, rants? Mine sure is. They make me laugh, cry, and feel crazy. Some amazing godly people say there isn't a good option so they are not going to vote. Some other amazing godly people have incredibly strong and passionate reasons why they [...]

Brown Bananas and Hope

Long story, short: A sudden appearance of fruit flies forced me to move all our fruit into the fridge. Fruit flies make me crazy. I get great joy each morning to see how many of the buggers have been caught in my apple cider vinegar ramekin trap. I enjoy seeing the death of pestilence. That's normal, right?! [...]

When You Pray But Nothing Changes

“What do you feel like it would take to be healed? Is the Lord putting anything specific on your heart about it?” Our pastor has been calling regularly to check on me and pray with me. “We have all prayed and prayed for healing. That should be enough…” I couldn’t help but cry. My Shepherd [...]

10 Gifts That Encourage During Hard Times

Have someone on your gift list who is in a season of illness, grief, or difficult times?  Here are 10 gift ideas that are soothing and encouraging.  They are practical, helpful, wholesome, and inspiring.  They have been my favorite things in my current season fighting chronic illness. Click underlined affiliate shopping links to purchase online. [...]

Need A Game Changer?

It's September. Another glorious Seattle summer is over. Leaves are trading their greens for orange. Kids are headed back to school. And we are all settling into our Fall routines. Going back to our "normal lives." In Luke 4:14-22, Jesus went back to his hometown-- a place that had been his "normal life" for years. Except that Sabbath day, things didn't go as normal. [...]

Diapers, Poop, and our need for Confession

My kid loves a clean, dry diaper. He is miserable in a wet one. He is utterly undone by a poopy one. But clean him up and peace fills his world again. I know what that feels like. The discomfort of my own soil. Every day I have things that require cleansing. Selfish thoughts. Hurtful [...]