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Favorite Kid Gifts

Got some kids on your gift list this year? Here are some of our all time favorite kid things for kids aged 4-8+. All of these are tried and tested and loved by our kids. This post contains associate links. No additional costs are added. 


There’s nothing more important to me than for my babies to know their living Creator God and discover His amazing Love and Plan. In my quest for faith-boosting books and resources, I’m looking for solid Bible teaching with a strong focus on Grace. In these early years of my kids’ lives, I want them to taste the goodness of God. There are years to come when they’ll also need to learn about the importance of Holiness and choosing right-living. But the foundation I want for them is the unending Love and Grace of Yahweh and the gift of Salvation through Jesus. Here are our favorite resources…

The Jesus Storybook Bible & Audio CDs (Deluxe Edition)
Four years ago, our kids were given this book of Bible stories with companion CDs and for the past four years our kids have asked to listen to this as they fall asleep at night. The stories are beautifully written and the CD presentation is expressive and soulful. Our kids now have the stories memorized and they often play out the stories with their toys. Our big kids love reading the book with their much-loved stories and the illustrations are beautiful.
“Every Story Whispers His Name The award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover—through full-color illustrations and three read-along CDs—that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation… and at the center of their story, too. This beautifully crafted deluxe edition, with ribbon marker and audio CDs, is a wonderful gift and sure to become a family treasure.” – Publisher

What’s In The Bible? Why Do We Call it Christmas? DVD
The “What’s In The Bible?” series is awesome!! Our kids love watching them over and over. This Christmas special does an excellent job of explaining the Christian heart behind Christmas and also the historical background of Saint Nic etc. The content is solid and the delivery is quirky and fun. There is a LOT of information presented which has pros and cons. At first, a lot of it went right over our kids heads and I wondered if they were learning anything!  But as we watch them over and over, they hear/understand something new each time. They are begging to own the whole series and I am very happy for them to have DVDs I know are giving them solid Biblical foundations.

Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume One – In the Beginning
Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Two – Let My People Go
Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Three – Wanderin’ In The Desert
See the full What’s In the Bible series and resources
“13-part series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer sets out to teach kids (and parents) the story of the Bible – God’s great rescue plan! We learn how the stories of Moses, Noah, David, and Jesus all fit together to tell one big, redemptive story. Vischer’s signature wit shines through with his all-new cast of characters, fast-paced flash animation, and catchy tunes.” – What’s In The Bible

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity
After having a beautiful ceramic nativity broken by curious little hands, I wanted to find a nativity they could truly play with. This plastic version has been awesome! Our version has fewer pieces and doesn’t make noises. But it looks like they don’t make that simple version anymore. I personally don’t like toys that make a bunch of noise… so I probably wouldn’t use batteries with this new version. haha!

Seeds Family Worship CDs
I want my kids to memorize God’s Word and scriptures-set-to-music are such an awesome way to do it! Seeds Family Worship CDs are catchy and enjoyable. (And by “enjoyable,” I mean: I can listen to them all day without going crazy. Some kids music drives me nuts. But Seeds Family Worship is great!) There are several CDs in this series.


One of the great things about STEM education being all the rage these days, is there are now so many wonderful Science, Tech, Engineering and Math games and toys for kids! And of course there are lots of wonderful Literacy and Creative resources around too. My goal is to facilitate learning but not to limit creativity to the “toy” at hand. I’m looking for things that springboard their minds into endless places. Here are our favorite educational toys and resources…

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body
“It looks gross but it’s really not gross. It’s a skeleton and organs that you can totally take apart. There is a cool book too. My favorite part is taking the brain out! They only problem is it doesn’t have a spleen. And spleens are my favorite organ. But apart from that, this is the best thing ever. You should get it for your kids!” – Our 7-year-old Scientist.
“With this hands-on kit and tour guide, kids enter the twisted world of the human body. Complete with removable squishy organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems, kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and literally see how it all works. Research physician and science teacher Lucille Kayes explains how the nine vital organs work together to digest food; Insides Out includes activities to help kids understand all of their body’s functions; And sometimes, it’s kind of gross.” – Manufacturer

DK First Human Body Encyclopedia
“Every page has great stuff on it. I love the Liver and the Skin and the Eyes… I like ALL the pages.” – Our 4-year-old Scientist
“Showing what’s inside the human body and how things fit and work together, the Human Body Encyclopedia is packed with fascinating facts and spectacular close-up photographs that make the subject accessible and fun. Covering every part of the body‹from major body systems to individual cells‹in language accessible to young children, this book is an inspiring new edition to the First Reference series and a valuable teaching aid for parents and teachers.” – Publisher

Marbulous-Translucent Marble Run (48 pieces plus 16 marbles)
“It is very cool and so cool. The marbles can go zooming down! I build it super tall! And you can also have it so it’s so fun. Then you can tear it apart and make a new one” – Our 4-year-old Engineer
“Roll your way into a good time with this marbulous-marbel run! The durable, transparent pieces allow children to visually track the entire course of their marble as it makes it’s journey through several fun twists and turns.” – Manufacturer

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
“This kit has lots of fun experiments. I can read the instructions myself! I follow along and do what they say. And amazing things happen!” Our 7-year-old Scientist
“My First Science Kit tests several scientific principles with mind-blowing experiments such as creating a sunset in a test tube and making a color-changing volcano. Children love learning fascinating facts about their natural world and this kit will keep them engrossed with interactive experiments. You don’t need a state of the art laboratory to hypothesize and test your theories; everything you need comes in this expansive kit. Your child will learn using the scientific process of deduction and experimentation.” – Manufacturer

“I like to build words with the letters. I play on my own with them. You can spell words you know and try words you don’t know. All kinds of words. And I ask mum when I get stuck.” – Our 7-year-old Linguist
“An Apple a day for us all to play. Create a continuous word snake by adding your word to the head or tail. Originally designed with younger players in mind, APPLETTERS features three levels of play to amuse children and challenge adults. The free-standing tiles are easy to handle and can be used to play three different games.” – Manufacturer

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 18 Inch Paper Roll
Paper. Rolls of paper. Spread all the way down our hallway and into the living room. Add markers, crayons, stickers, chalk, toy cars. Equals unending possibilities and hours of fun! I get our rolls of paper from IKEA. I’ve found they have the best price in our area.

What is it about dominoes? They’re just fun. And thanks to the “Robots” movie, our 4-year-old is very intent on developing cascading chain-reaction runs of domino tiles. When boredom strikes our household, I hand them the box of dominoes and walk away. All kinds of creative games burst forth. Down-side: I find stray domino tiles in all kinds of crazy places so I’m not sure we have a complete set anymore so we may never play an actual game of dominoes. ha!

Wooden Train Set
Obsessed. We are obsessed with trains. And over the years we’ve been given various sets of tracks, wooden trains, and accessories. There are cheap versions and expensive versions. Honestly, they are all great and I wouldn’t spend the money on the high-end brands. However, we’ve found the IKEA bridges are low profile and our big brand trains don’t fit under them. But that’s easy to fix… our trains grow wings and float over the low bridges. 😉

Lots of Little Animals
Little plastic animals are my favorite kid toy. I hear the cutest and coolest stories unfolding as the kids play with little animals. They play out all kinds of scenarios with their toys. I hear them dealing with important social and relational things through the relationships of their little animals. A little cow is crying because she feels left out. A little lion gives important life advice to his son lion cub. Bullies are put at bay. Injustices are addressed. Group decisions are made. And Love always wins. I love listening in to their little animal adventures.

How about you? What are your favorite kid toys for ages 4-8? Share your favs in a comment. I’d love to know!

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