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Night after night we gathered together around a table. It was serious. It was cut-throat. We schemed. We battled. We turned on each other. And we became dear friends… thanks to Game Nights!

Those Game Nights showed us a beautiful truth: Laughing together builds friendships.  And there’s nothing like a great game to get the laughter going.  Our dining table has been home to years of Game Nights with friends and now we’ve started Family Game Nights with our kids.

Here are our favorite games. This post contains associate links. No additional costs are added. 

A cross between Pictionary and Telephone. This game is our current favorite for our Family Game Nights with our small kids (with a bit of adult help.)  It’s also lots of fun with groups of adults.  The best part about this game is the worse you are at drawing, the better! We really love this game! For all ages (younger kids will need help).

Build your own board, make your own rules, and change the game as you play!  Flibbix is a lively, interactive game that’s great for all ages.  Our small kids can set-up and play this without adult help! This is a perfect game for families. For all ages.
A card game of strategy, bluffing, and a good dose of dumb luck. This game is extremely satisfying when you win and extremely frustrating when you lose. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but our group of friends laughs more at this game than pretty much anything else we play. I think it has to do with the antics of sore losers. 🙂  For adults and older kids.

The Game of Things
Players write anonymous responses to a question about “things” and take turns guessing who wrote each answer. This is a great game to play with a group of family or friends who know each other well.  We’ve also played it with new friends but it’s a lot more fun with people you know. For adults and older kids.

A fast dice game of risking it all. This is our favorite “warm-up” or “ice-breaker” game. It gets people into the game-playing mood as it moves from player to player quickly and keeps everyone engaged.  For adults and older kids.

This a strategy-based card game about planting, harvesting and selling beans. It’s cute and fun and is great to play with all kinds of personality types.  This game is a slower-paced game of strategy and bargaining.  There are modifications depending on the amount of players which means this game feels a bit new and different each time we play.  This is a great game for a relaxed night together.  Younger kids can play with adult help.  For all ages.

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Go ahead: plan a game night! You’ll make wonderful friendships along the way.

Do you do Game Nights?  What are your favorite games?

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