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Favorite Faith-boosters

Favorite Faith-boosters

Truly, we need nothing more than the Bible, Prayer, and being actively part of the Body of Christ (aka a local church!)

But I am also a lover of the beautiful Faith-building, soul-stirring, devotion-evoking books and music we have in this era!  And just like I love marriage-boosters, friendship-boosters, and family-boosters, I will use anything and everything I can to inspire and strengthen my relationship with Yahweh!

Here are some of my current favorite devotionals, books and Faith-boosters. This post contains associate links. No additional costs are added. 

 “Daily Light” by Edythe Draper
My beautiful Mum gave me this daily devotional when I was in highschool. I have read it over and over for years and years! It is a twice-daily theme-based compilation of Bible verses in the Living Translation.  This book is now out of print but is available through a few second-hand sellers on Amazon.
There are a bunch of alternatives in various Bible versions that are available in print and e-versions:
Daily Light On The Daily Path” (NKJV edition)
Daily Light” (NLV edition)
Daily Light on the Daily Path” (GW edition)
Daily Light on the Daily Path” (NIV edition)

“Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions” by Joyce Meyer
I love the teaching-gift and leadership-heart of Joyce Meyer. There’s something about the way she communicates that grabs my heart. She speaks my language. Direct. Bold. Cutting right to deep heart-issues. She speaks Biblical Truths and my life is changed! I came across this particular devotional a few years ago in my doctor’s waiting room.  The topics covered were exactly what I needed. It’s a quick daily reading that stays on my heart all day.

“Hinds Feet On High Places” by Hannah Hurnard
Hinds Feet, as I affectionately call this book, is a beautiful allegory of a woman’s journey of transformation as she walks the path of the Shepherd. The main character, Much-Afraid, is gradually healed of all kinds of heart issues as she traverses the inclines and valleys of a mountain. This book has been an inspiration, a challenge, and a comfort in the various seasons of my life. Hannah Hurnard’s story is a much-needed reminder that God is doing deep work in our hearts to set us free to be who He made us to be. There is also a picture book version for kids!

“He Chose the Nails” by Max Lucado
Pretty much, you can’t go wrong with a Max Lucado book! I love his voice and writing style. He highlights God’s heart for us in such beautiful ways. In “He Chose The Nails,” Lucado takes elements of the crucifixion and considers what it took for Jesus to choose each of them. He weaves stories of humanity into each element in such a delicate and special way. This is one of my favorite reads for preparing my heart for Easter.

“Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan
This is such a wonderful study on the Person of the Holy Spirit. I would highly recommend getting the workbook too. The reflection questions bring the content of the book to such an important personal level. I refer back to this book a lot these days as our church is doing a long study on the Life of Jesus and how He was empowered by the Holy Spirit. Considering the Personage of the Holy Spirit has opened my heart to be more aware of God’s Presence and Power in my daily life.

“The Jesus I Never Knew” by Philip Yancey
Honestly, I cannot even find the words to describe how incredible this book is. It peeled away culturally-created misconceptions about Jesus that are affecting my relationship with Him. We are so affected by commonly held views of Jesus that are simply untrue! This book is a wonderful text for a book club, small group, or church-wide study for adults and youth. And as I’m typing this, a thought came to mind: This would a fabulous book to read and discuss with my husband! Valentine’s Day is this week. This is going to be my gift for us. 🙂

“Worth It All” CD by Meredith Andrews
I really should do a separate list for my fav music. But, for now, I wanted to include this CD on my fav devos list. I love Meredith Andrew’s voice and songs.  She has a sweet and relaxed voice that is easy to listen to. The lyrics and music are interesting and modern but are also simple enough to be non-distracting background for prayer and Bible-reading. My fav song is “All I Ask.” Captures my heart so perfectly!

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