When God Doesn’t Give Me What I Want

I handed him his breakfast but something was wrong. His usual cheery "Thank you Mummy!" didn't happen.  In its place: an epic meltdown. "But I waaa-aaaant them in a rouuuund bluuuuuue boooohhh-bowl!" He crumpled to the floor and sobbed into his arms. Thus began an hour-long wrestle with my gorgeous child. We have a round [...]

10 Gifts To Bring Hope

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  But for struggling families, Christmas can be a huge stress. I was recently asked what kind of gifts helped us during seasons of need so I thought I'd share giving ideas for families in need. We have personally experienced all of these gifts first hand and each made a huge [...]

Not My Best

I had all the ingredients for a major crash and burn. On Sunday, I was preaching.  On Saturday, I found myself sideswiped by a bug that left me with a string of fevers, a slow incoherent mind, a searing cough, husky voice, and screaming sinus pressure. I spent the day in miserable half-sleep instead of having [...]

Making Peace With My Life

My husband grew a beard.  Overnight. "YOU GREW A BEARD OVERNIGHT?!" I was shocked by the fuzzy face in the mirror as we brushed teeth, side-by-side. "Babe, it's been growing all week." He flashed his gorgeous smile and his eyes sparkled as he laughed at me. "Haven't you looked at me at all this week?" It [...]

Dull Skies and God Rays

I love Fall morning fog.  I love the slow creeping shroud of stillness.  I love the sense of mystery it brings as it forces me to change my focal point. And, most of all, I love the backdrop fog gives to glory. "God rays" are what they're called in the graphic design world.  Incredible shafts of sunlight that shoot [...]


"Don't be sad." My husband chirped the words like it is a simple matter. And in that moment, God spoke to me.  About something He's already spoken to me this week: having abundant expectations.  About trusting God to provide for the opportunities He brings me. The thing is: I have the blues. Our life variables have [...]

Human Danger

Her voice was muffled.  Our conversation had to push through a special vent in the thick wall of bullet-proof glass.  "Check that all the Passport details are correct before you leave today." She repeated for me. Standing there, I couldn't help but wonder why they need bullet-proof glass and armed security guards .  What horrors are expected [...]

Part Of Something

"We didn't want you to worry, so we didn't tell you..." My parents don't want me to worry.  The day I moved across the world, they stopped telling me things that I used to be privy to in everyday life.  For the most part it's a good thing.  I tend to take on the burdens [...]