Diapers, Poop, and our need for Confession

My kid loves a clean, dry diaper. He is miserable in a wet one. He is utterly undone by a poopy one. But clean him up and peace fills his world again. I know what that feels like. The discomfort of my own soil. Every day I have things that require cleansing. Selfish thoughts. Hurtful [...]

Empowered: Daily (Luke 4:1-4)

Empowered: Daily (Luke 4:1-4) Our senior pastor called me.  He was in hospital in pain.  He needed to take a time of rest and recovery.  And he needed me to take a week of Sunday teaching during his absence.  And we laughed together because God had already planned for this. A few weeks before, we'd [...]

How did I get here?

Looking back, it happened slowly.  But considering my past 5 months, it happened so fast. I was in a wonderful wedding last weekend.  I had packed my own lunch and snacks. GF, DF, SF, SF, FF, MF, CF, MF... blah blah... all the food restrictions I'm on.  But I didn't pack a dinner.  I just [...]

Grace Given

A friend talked to me today to repair a hole in our relationship that I had unwittingly caused. In that conversation I saw her extend a level of grace that is rare.  I can't stop thinking about it. She chose to give grace despite being in pain. Above all things have intense and unfailing love [...]

God watches my every move

Beeeeep. My heart monitor beeped and the communication module activated. Why?  I have no idea!!! The monitor is set to be activated by four specific heart activities.  Four concerning heart activities. Apparently, my heart did something concerning and I was TOTALLY UNAWARE. It's like I don't know myself at all. I need monitoring.  I am [...]

Pointing fingers can’t build bridges

It's hard to love someone who constantly does hurtful stupid things.  Especially if that someone is you. I think it disturbs people when I talk like this.  It's not self-loathing.  I'm just being honest.  I'm not blind to my short-comings.  I am painfully aware of them.  And by considering them, I can be work towards being [...]