It All Tastes Bad

Last night I had a hard time eating dinner.  My favorite fallback meal of pan-fried eggs & kale seemed oddly bitter and left a bad aftertaste.  It must have been a strong batch of kale? This morning I had a hard time eating breakfast.  My quinoa porridge was really bitter and left a bad aftertaste.  I tasted each [...]

Fear and Me

A thyroid ultrasound is a weird experience.  It's a lot like a baby ultrasound except it's on your neck and they're looking for cancer instead of a baby. Today, laying on that table, I was afraid. I've had a long string of afraid-days this week.  On Monday I had my 3-weekly treatment reassessment.  On Tuesday my [...]

God watches my every move

Beeeeep. My heart monitor beeped and the communication module activated. Why?  I have no idea!!! The monitor is set to be activated by four specific heart activities.  Four concerning heart activities. Apparently, my heart did something concerning and I was TOTALLY UNAWARE. It's like I don't know myself at all. I need monitoring.  I am [...]