10 Gifts To Bring Hope

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  But for struggling families, Christmas can be a huge stress. I was recently asked what kind of gifts helped us during seasons of need so I thought I'd share giving ideas for families in need. We have personally experienced all of these gifts first hand and each made a huge [...]

My Father

"Have you asked God about it?" My dad's kind and gentle eyes looked right into my heart. He could have shouted, "NO WAY!" He could have declared, "No daughter of mine will have a pierced eyebrow!" He could have pleaded, "Please don't." I was prepared for all of those scenarios. Instead, my Father had lovingly [...]


My eyes can't believe the images of Oklahoma. That storm was a mindless giant. Wild and ruthless. Leaving nothing in its wake. Just rubble. Miles upon miles of rubble. Can you even believe anyone survived? It's incredible. Many are dead but many are alive. I looked at the eyes of the interviewed survivors. I saw [...]

I’m Sure He Already Knows

Her eyes sparkled with delight. The yellow school bus in front of us had its stop sign deployed and red lights flashing. "Wow!" She breathed in awe. "That. Is. Amazing." I love the way life enchants her. As parents, we love watching our daughter live. We love listening to her gorgeous insights. We love watching [...]

Scraping the Sky

Tall spires reached up into the billows of grey. "Mum, why are the called 'sky scrapers'?" Our four-year-old was impressed by the sight. So I explained that the buildings are so tall it looks like they are scraping the sky. "But are they really scraping the sky?" Her eyes were fixed on the high-rises. "Or, [...]

A Beloved Limping Distraction

She limped across the busy four-lane road. Her hair wild. A coat on despite the day's heat. Head down. A heavy load. Alone. Her passing by broke my train of thought I fleetingly wondered where she had come from. Where could she be going in this sketchy part of town? And God grabbed my heart. [...]

Dark Room Moment

Their little coughs are the only noise. The baby monitor indicator is the only light source. I'm hoping that if I sit here in dark silence, they will both fall asleep. I hate it when my babies are sick. Now the 2-year-old is meowing. Better than crying, I say. Still, I really hope his cat [...]

Phone Call

The usual grey cloud covering is gone. The sky is clear. The sun is warm.  It's a glorious day.  And yet, this morning I felt sad. Sipping a cup of coffee without chatting to someone.  Preparing dinner without co-chefs.  Doing dishes alone.  After living life with 10 people, our little family of four is feeling sparse. There's [...]