Abundant Expectation

"Abundant generosity is the heart of giving we are called to." Her words hold deep meaning. She is sacrificially living out the wisdom she gives. Her life is marked with it. Abundant generosity. Generous not because she can afford it but because she is the daughter of our abundantly generous God. It's a funny thing. [...]

Electric Blanket. I love you.

Why didn't we buy an electric blanket years ago? For our 13 years of marriage, we've piled on blankets and comforters (Aussie: doonas) to combat not heating the room.  Some nights it took hours to warm up.  Toes icy. Literally shivering from the cold.  No exaggeration. This year we thought to try an electric blanket.  [...]

Fear and Me

A thyroid ultrasound is a weird experience.  It's a lot like a baby ultrasound except it's on your neck and they're looking for cancer instead of a baby. Today, laying on that table, I was afraid. I've had a long string of afraid-days this week.  On Monday I had my 3-weekly treatment reassessment.  On Tuesday my [...]