Letting go of sugar (I love you sugar)

This morning I have a big headache.  I'm fairly sure it's a sugar hangover. As part of my fight to beat Chronic Lyme, I have dietary restrictions.  The Lyme bacteria LOVES gluten and dairy.  We're cutting off its food source to make it weak and vulnerable to the treatment that will kill it.  I've been GF [...]

My quest for a home

I crave a homebase. A firm unchanging place. A place I can go if all else fails. When I first moved to the US, I felt very alone. My host family sister says I cried in my sleep every night.  A dear friend from home called me one night and I remember crying the whole call.  She said, [...]

The recesses of my pantry… and my life

I found the most incredible things in my pantry last night. Everything with gluten or dairy was bagged up and delivered to neighbors. So long beautiful white flour.  So long obligatory whole wheat flour.  Goodbye chocolate stash.  I love you.  I miss you.  Every day at 3pm I will think of you and long for [...]