Diapers, Poop, and our need for Confession

My kid loves a clean, dry diaper. He is miserable in a wet one. He is utterly undone by a poopy one. But clean him up and peace fills his world again. I know what that feels like. The discomfort of my own soil. Every day I have things that require cleansing. Selfish thoughts. Hurtful [...]

Bathtime: What’s the point?

Her tears were real.  Her confusion totally understandable. Last night's bath-time was short.  A quick bath to get clean.  Different from the normal.  As the water drained away, she cried. "I didn't have time to play!" She cried out the sad words with sobs. "A bath is for getting clean.  That's why we have baths." [...]

Deprivation and Freedom

My doctor has slowly been removing things from my diet.  No more gluten, dairy, or sugar.  Last week my assessment showed I was still consuming something that is bad for me.  Nothing hides from her diagnosis system. "What are you drinking?" she asked. "Um, water. Coffee." I was pretty sure I hadn't had anything else.  [...]