What to do about Halloween

"It's October!" My kiddo squealed. "I'm so excited about Halloween!" And here we go again... Halloween.  Nothing holds greater power to make good friends bitter enemies than Halloween. It's a clear-cut issue.  Halloween is the funnest day of the year... totally evil... dress-up fun... of the devil... time to be silly... time to be vigilant... [...]

My Father

"Have you asked God about it?" My dad's kind and gentle eyes looked right into my heart. He could have shouted, "NO WAY!" He could have declared, "No daughter of mine will have a pierced eyebrow!" He could have pleaded, "Please don't." I was prepared for all of those scenarios. Instead, my Father had lovingly [...]

Mentored To Hear

Her text said, "When you have 10 min call me." I was at a giant crossroad needing to make a giant decision.  I shared my situation with her because I needed wisdom and guidance beyond my own.  She took notes as I shared and said she wanted to pray about it. Honestly, she didn't have [...]