10 Gifts To Bring Hope

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  But for struggling families, Christmas can be a huge stress. I was recently asked what kind of gifts helped us during seasons of need so I thought I'd share giving ideas for families in need. We have personally experienced all of these gifts first hand and each made a huge [...]

Dull Skies and God Rays

I love Fall morning fog.  I love the slow creeping shroud of stillness.  I love the sense of mystery it brings as it forces me to change my focal point. And, most of all, I love the backdrop fog gives to glory. "God rays" are what they're called in the graphic design world.  Incredible shafts of sunlight that shoot [...]

Beautiful Words

"Your test results are really good." My doctor smiled. Oh what words! I am one year and five months into a medical treatment that is projected to last for three to five years.  It feels like each day of the past one year and five months has been giant.  It's been a fight.  One step [...]

When There Is Pain

Their giggles should have brought me joy but this morning I desperately needed silence.  Pain has wrapped me up.  Out of nowhere all my symptoms are back.  Such is life with chronic illness.  I asked my babies to "please stop" and play a quiet game instead. Their sweet blue eyes welled up with tears. Now my heart [...]


My eyes can't believe the images of Oklahoma. That storm was a mindless giant. Wild and ruthless. Leaving nothing in its wake. Just rubble. Miles upon miles of rubble. Can you even believe anyone survived? It's incredible. Many are dead but many are alive. I looked at the eyes of the interviewed survivors. I saw [...]

Enjoy The Time

It was a terrible sad cry. A mix of pain and desperation. It was coming from our child at 6:30am. I brought her into my room so she wouldn't wake her brother. I consoled her and she calmed down enough for me to ask why she was crying. "I want it to be seven-thirty but [...]

At Home

Wattle trees in bloom. Thick air laced with tropical smells. Glorious bird songs. Heavy warm rain that falls from giant clouds. Everything bursting with life. Sunshine fuelling the land. And its people. A fuel for joy and creativity. Australia is a special place. This time at home has been so good for me. For five [...]

Draw Near

Sadness grips my heart and grief wraps like a too-heavy blanket. A shooter in america took the lives of children and adults. A friend's baby was still-born. A mother of small children lost her fight to cancer. Here I am, once again, forced to stare at the fragility of life and the shortness of our years. The kids are [...]