Tired Eyes And Embracing God’s Ways

I've had glasses since I was 15 but I've not really worn them. They never seemed right. Some days they seemed ok. But on most days, I could see better without them. And life went on. Last year, when I started having chronic migraines, my ND recommended I get my eyes re-checked. So I did. [...]

Brown Bananas and Hope

Long story, short: A sudden appearance of fruit flies forced me to move all our fruit into the fridge. Fruit flies make me crazy. I get great joy each morning to see how many of the buggers have been caught in my apple cider vinegar ramekin trap. I enjoy seeing the death of pestilence. That's normal, right?! [...]

When You Pray But Nothing Changes

“What do you feel like it would take to be healed? Is the Lord putting anything specific on your heart about it?” Our pastor has been calling regularly to check on me and pray with me. “We have all prayed and prayed for healing. That should be enough…” I couldn’t help but cry. My Shepherd [...]

Let Him

Our sweet baby has croup.  He is sick and needs help to be well.  Yet, he won't let me help him.  He's refusing to drink fluids.  He's refusing to take medicine.  He's refusing to say "yes" to me. Baby, just let me help you!  His resistance makes him his own enemy.  He is thwarting his healing.  He [...]

Let It Heal

Her little fingers scratched while she slept.  And this morning it was there again: fresh blood flowing from her head.  A months-old wound reopened.  A lone chicken pox scab that won't go away. It won't go away because she won't let it.  She won't let the balm do its thing.  She won't let her body [...]

Beautiful Words

"Your test results are really good." My doctor smiled. Oh what words! I am one year and five months into a medical treatment that is projected to last for three to five years.  It feels like each day of the past one year and five months has been giant.  It's been a fight.  One step [...]

When There Is Pain

Their giggles should have brought me joy but this morning I desperately needed silence.  Pain has wrapped me up.  Out of nowhere all my symptoms are back.  Such is life with chronic illness.  I asked my babies to "please stop" and play a quiet game instead. Their sweet blue eyes welled up with tears. Now my heart [...]

Tended To

The pain was sharp but short-lived. I didn't even look to see what had happened. But a few miles later as I turned the steering wheel, there was blood. Something had sliced the inside of my thumb as I drove along. The cut was not terrible but deep enough to bleed nicely.  Like a paper [...]