10 Gifts To Bring Hope

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  But for struggling families, Christmas can be a huge stress. I was recently asked what kind of gifts helped us during seasons of need so I thought I'd share giving ideas for families in need. We have personally experienced all of these gifts first hand and each made a huge [...]

More Than I Can Handle

Luke 6 is heart surgery.  These words from Jesus are challenging and transformational.  We need them just like the Hebrews needed to re-learn the culture of God after He brought them out of Egypt.  Jesus' words are hard words to hear.   And beautiful words to hear.  And painful words to hear.  I'm not sure I am able to [...]

Return On Investment

It was late on Saturday night when I remembered the cupcake promise I'd made.  Ugh.  Graciously my incredible man offered to make the trip to the store to purchase the gluten-filled ingredients.  And then he stayed up and baked the 18 fluffy cupcakes because, even though I was the one who had promised to make [...]

Or I’ll Use Someone Else

The rubber met the road.  The stage curtain pulled up and a spotlight shone in my eyes. It was exam day. I wish I'd known. I walked into Saturday like it was a normal slow family Saturday. Mind disengaged. Body relaxed. Heart peaceful. Saturdays are our treasure. My husband was the one to remember: we [...]

Abundant Expectation

"Abundant generosity is the heart of giving we are called to." Her words hold deep meaning. She is sacrificially living out the wisdom she gives. Her life is marked with it. Abundant generosity. Generous not because she can afford it but because she is the daughter of our abundantly generous God. It's a funny thing. [...]

Dirty House Confessions: The power of community

This week a special woman sent me a message: "I have a proposition for you - feel free to turn me down. I was wondering if I could come over and clean your house once or twice a month. (This is not an insult to your house, I just figured you might not want to [...]