Making Room For Love

I don't know when Mum started the tradition, but for as long as I can remember our Christmas tree stayed up for my sister and my early January birthdays. And as far as I'm concerned, there is no good reason to take the tree down sooner. No reason at all. Absolutely none. Hear me. I need the tree [...]

When You Are Swerved Into

He's not horribly sick anymore.  Now he's just somewhat sick.  His desire to run and jump and wrestle and conquer the world is firing up again.  He's done with being sick.  He thinks he's all better.  And he's chaffing at the way I'm treating him.  He's frustrated that we're still in our home quarantine.  He's [...]

Open Blinds

"Everyone opens their blinds in the morning. It's weird that you have them closed." His judgmental tone rang in my ears as he went around the room and pulled open all the bent and broken metal blinds. He was happy.  I was not. The "Youth House" was on the corner of the church property.  A busy [...]

The Unbeautiful Beautiful

Simple streamers floated in the breeze.  Free Burger King crowns sat in an awkward pile.  Sidewalk chalk sticks dotted the driveway.  This was no Pinterest-worthy project.  No hand-made guest party favors.  No cutesy photo-booth props.  No fabulous fondant wrapped cake.  And yet, it was utterly beautiful. "Let's have a party so everyone can have fun [...]

Pulling Weeds

He mindlessly pulled little weeds as we talked.  Before long there was a beautiful stretch of weed-free walkway.   He had not come to do weeding.  It happened on the side.  He didn't even mention the weeds. No reference to. No criticism of.  No discussion about.  Maybe he didn't even realize what he was doing. After he [...]

Return On Investment

It was late on Saturday night when I remembered the cupcake promise I'd made.  Ugh.  Graciously my incredible man offered to make the trip to the store to purchase the gluten-filled ingredients.  And then he stayed up and baked the 18 fluffy cupcakes because, even though I was the one who had promised to make [...]

Beyond One Gray Winter

Icy raindrops drummed down as I tip-toed around puddles on the moss-covered path.  Everything looked a little sad in the fading dusk light.  There was a feel of despair and oppression. If you came to visit today you could assume things about this place.  That living here is hard.  That it’s wet and cold and dark.  That [...]

Strange Wonderful Reentry

I went back to a place I knew 15 years ago and, five weeks later, I've come back to a place I knew five weeks ago. The frozen sleeping branches I left are now covered with pink cherry blossoms.  The air has lost its bite.  Where empty dirt was, tall daffodils now stretch high. Everything [...]