Diapers, Poop, and our need for Confession

My kid loves a clean, dry diaper. He is miserable in a wet one. He is utterly undone by a poopy one. But clean him up and peace fills his world again. I know what that feels like. The discomfort of my own soil. Every day I have things that require cleansing. Selfish thoughts. Hurtful [...]

When You Are Swerved Into

He's not horribly sick anymore.  Now he's just somewhat sick.  His desire to run and jump and wrestle and conquer the world is firing up again.  He's done with being sick.  He thinks he's all better.  And he's chaffing at the way I'm treating him.  He's frustrated that we're still in our home quarantine.  He's [...]

Let It Heal

Her little fingers scratched while she slept.  And this morning it was there again: fresh blood flowing from her head.  A months-old wound reopened.  A lone chicken pox scab that won't go away. It won't go away because she won't let it.  She won't let the balm do its thing.  She won't let her body [...]

I Hiding

This morning he raced into the kitchen screaming. "I hiding!" He announced as he collapsed on my feet and wrapped around my ankle. This is his new favorite "hiding" place: me. It makes me smile. I love that he comes to me to hide. I hope this is always his default.  I hope he always feels [...]

Manual Transmission Epiphany

The kids slept soundly as we chugged into the city.  I say "chugged" because our new-to-us car has a few character distinctives.  A few quirks, rattles and clunks.  My least favorite is its very touchy clutch that tricks me into stalling on slowdowns.  BUT I shan't complain.  This cheap little "simply-to-get-us-there" vehicle has halved our gas bill!  [...]

Failed and Loved

I had plans for today.  There is so much to do this week.  It's our first Christmas at home as a family.  We are usually with my in-laws but this year they are coming to us.  It's my first opportunity to create the Christmas of my heart.  It's the one holiday that Australia and the [...]

Remember: Something Against You

I tend to believe that I have offended most people. Part of it is because I know that, as a verbal processor and a "blunt" Australian, I can say things in a non-refined and culturally inappropriate way. And part of it is because, in the culture of this part of America, people seem to be [...]

Goofy Foot Revelations

I learned to snowboard during the huge December snowfall of 1998.  The day I first strapped on a board, there was over two feet of new snow on the slopes and it kept falling hard all day. Not only my first day snowboarding, it was my first snow experience of any kind.  This girl from the tropics was [...]