More Than I Can Handle

Luke 6 is heart surgery.  These words from Jesus are challenging and transformational.  We need them just like the Hebrews needed to re-learn the culture of God after He brought them out of Egypt.  Jesus' words are hard words to hear.   And beautiful words to hear.  And painful words to hear.  I'm not sure I am able to [...]

Sanitation Specialist. Astronaut. Arborist.

"When I grow up I could be a Trash Collector!  Or I could go to Space!  Or be a Tree-Planter!" Her face was alive.  Her heart captivated.  The dreams of her future were all so exciting.  Every option equally beautiful. My grown-up judgemental sensibilities laughed.  Those are three very different options.  Each with different stigmas.  [...]

Oh Stained Carpet. And People.

The carpet in our apartment is very old.  The stain protection has long since worn off.  The professional carpet cleaner guy told us there is an old stain deep in the padding layer that gets drawn up with moisture.  That means, even if it's just a water spill the stain turns black.  It's sad.  Any [...]

Looking in the mirror and seeing problems

The Church is Yahweh's idea. Jesus founded it, built it and leads it. The Holy Spirit maintains it, unites it and fills it.  And by "it", I mean "us".  Me. You. We are the Church. I'm a Church lover.  I am passionate and dedicated to being an alive and active member of the Body of Christ.  I [...]

Pointing fingers can’t build bridges

It's hard to love someone who constantly does hurtful stupid things.  Especially if that someone is you. I think it disturbs people when I talk like this.  It's not self-loathing.  I'm just being honest.  I'm not blind to my short-comings.  I am painfully aware of them.  And by considering them, I can be work towards being [...]

Obligation, Opportunity, Love

I do freelance graphic design. People ask me to do work for them all the time. Most of those people don't think to pay me.  Why should they?  We're friends. And shouldn't friends do things to help each other?  Yes.  Friends should do things to help each other.  And I love to do things to help [...]

“Do I have to go to church?”

A friend posted this on FB today.  "Before I sleep... Do I have to go to church tomorrow to have God still know where I am and check he still likes me?" I couldn't help but reply: ... but the Body will be lacking without you. Your wisdom, gifts and influence. Confession:  I LOVE the Church. [...]