I Exhort You: Shepherd

Someone very special to me is dying.  He is going home soon.  And I've found myself grieving so many things. He is a humble and beautiful man.  A shepherd and leader of thousands.  Honest and transparent.  His life and words have transformed our culture and faith.  He knows the Holy Spirit.  He is a genuine [...]

Our Family Could Grow

"Mummy, I heard about a girl who doesn't have a mummy or daddy." Her sweet voice flowed with emotion. "I think we should bring her to our family because she needs a family and I need a sister." Her math is beautiful.  Five-year-old logic is pure and full of hope. I wish it was that [...]

Please Don’t Correct Him

With a huge smile and sparking eyes, our 2-and-a-half-year-old threw himself into my arms shouting, "Happy Birthday Mothers!" It was the best Mother's Day greeting ever. He is ridiculously cute.  Two-and-a-half-year-olds say the funniest things.  I love, love, love the things he says. PLEASE don't correct him. I know, I know.  He's "wrong."  His language [...]

Sanitation Specialist. Astronaut. Arborist.

"When I grow up I could be a Trash Collector!  Or I could go to Space!  Or be a Tree-Planter!" Her face was alive.  Her heart captivated.  The dreams of her future were all so exciting.  Every option equally beautiful. My grown-up judgemental sensibilities laughed.  Those are three very different options.  Each with different stigmas.  [...]

My Beautiful Flock

This has consumed me: Where is the flock that was given to you [to shepherd], your beautiful flock? (Jeremiah 13:20b Amp) As I read Jeremiah 13 today, these words reached out from the page and grabbed me. Where is the flock that has been given to me to shepherd, my beautiful flock? Personally, I know Yahweh has [...]

Phone Call

The usual grey cloud covering is gone. The sky is clear. The sun is warm.  It's a glorious day.  And yet, this morning I felt sad. Sipping a cup of coffee without chatting to someone.  Preparing dinner without co-chefs.  Doing dishes alone.  After living life with 10 people, our little family of four is feeling sparse. There's [...]

Goofy Foot Revelations

I learned to snowboard during the huge December snowfall of 1998.  The day I first strapped on a board, there was over two feet of new snow on the slopes and it kept falling hard all day. Not only my first day snowboarding, it was my first snow experience of any kind.  This girl from the tropics was [...]


She has loved them her whole 4-year-old life.  She smiles with pride as she confidently steps on and off.  She giggles as we travel up and down. Up and down and up and down. Today her world changed.  At the top of the escalator she froze.  Her body gripped with panic and screams. I don't [...]