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Is there anything better than Love?

My first summer in the US, I served as an intern at a large Foursquare church and made such wonderful friendships there.  Summer ended and most of my new friends headed back to their colleges in other cities and states. Gladly there was an awesome bunch from a local college and I got to join them on the Junior High youth leadership team at church.  I started working with the student-led worship team for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  (Awww, those kids are still so special in my heart.  They are all grown up now and I doubt they remember those Junior High days but working with them is one of my life highlights.)

One of the college guys had a bass guitar we used for youth worship.  He always brought it on Sunday mornings but we also needed it on Wednesday nights when he had track team practice and couldn’t come.  We came up with a plan for him to bring it to me on Wednesday afternoons at the local Christian bookstore where I worked.

“There’s a reeeeealllyyy cute boy at the front counter asking for you!” My co-worked teased.

And that’s how Wednesdays became my favorite day of the week.  He was really cute.  And he had a way of looking deep into my eyes that just made me swoon.  He was strong, gentle, and kind.  People loved to be around him.  There simply was something really special about that guy.

I ended up marrying that guy.  And he still makes me swoon.  His quietly magnetic nature came to mind as I read today’s readings:

After that, he taught daily in the Temple, but the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and the other leaders of the people began planning how to kill him. But they could think of nothing, because all the people hung on every word he said. (Luke 19:47-48)

Straight up, there is something really special about Jesus.  People couldn’t get enough of Him.  Crowds upon crowds followed His every move.  He said really challenging and deep things and yet the people weren’t scared or offended.  It just made them crave more time with Him.

The more time I spend with my husband, the more time I want to spend with him.  We used to be co-workers where we shared an office and worked together daily.  People often asked us how we could being together all the time without driving each other crazy. His peaceful stability and strength are essential for my sanity and with him in my life I thrive.  He says I don’t drive him crazy and that, instead, my colorful ups-and-downs give him motivation and vision.  From my point of view, he is my first choice for team-mate regardless of the situation.  If I could, I would spend all day, every day with him.  Am I a bit obsessed? Probs. 😉

Isn’t it the same way about Jesus?  The more time I spend with Him, the more time I want to spend with Him.  When I listen to Him, I am just like those people who “hung on every word he said.”  I feel a bit smitten. Jesus has a way of reaching into my life and heart that is so beautiful. I crave to be around Him more.

Problem is, life gets busy and stuff happens and before I know it days have gone by without spending time with Him.  I would never have let that happen with the cute boy I loved.  As a wife I have now have to choose to not let that happen with my man.  And as a daughter of God I have to choose to not let that happen with my Father God.

This is one of the reasons why I love reading my Bible daily with my church community. I love the accountability and I love the shared experience as we listen to God speak and put His Words into our hearts and lives. 

Today I feel reminded to cherish my relationship with my husband and with my God.  To not take those relationships for granted.  To be intentional to have time with them.  To remember why I am in Love with them.

How about you?  How do you keep committed to your love?  How do you stay smitten?  And what helps you in your relationship with God?

Want to read through the Bible with me? Today’s readings are Psalm 34; Luke 19:28-48

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  • My hubby works out of the house and people ask us the same questions as well. They want to know, Don’t you get sick of it? Don’t you fight & nip at each other all day? There is something special about sharing your life, all of it, with someone and learning to grow up together.
    God bless you guys as you travel this road of marriage. It’s not always easy, but it’s good!

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