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Safer Beauty

When illness forced me to examine my life for sources of heavy metals, hormone disruptors, and toxic substances, I went on a quest to find personal care products that are safe AND effective.

As more Americans discover the truth and make efforts to eliminate toxic exposures like reducing plastic usage, looking for organic & non-GMA foods, using safer household cleaners and laundry products… We need to also know:  What we put on our skin matters.

We do our best. We think we’re using safe products. But product labels are not telling us the whole story. There is an extreme lack of regulating laws in the beauty and personal care industry in the US.  Product labels can use words like “natural” and “non-toxic” without it being true!

In January 2016, I found Beautycounter. This amazing company is dedicated to developing safer products, having full transparency and honesty in their labels, and bringing change to the laws that regulate the beauty and personal care industry.

I have been so impressed with the effectiveness of Beautycounter products and the mission of the company, that I have joined the team.

I love to help people discover what is truly in their products. And I love to help people find safer AND effective products for their skin types and personal care needs.

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