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Review: Coffee Joy = AeroPress

Review: Coffee Joy = AeroPress

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Coffee. Oh hot bitter syrup. Thick and strong. I like you.

Each morning my amazing husband makes me a cup of coffee.  “Love Coffee,” I call it.  I love that it’s sitting and waiting for me in the kitchen.  A reminder that he cares for me.  I smile every time.

He is a coffee snob.  I am his intern.  I have learned more about coffee than any person should.  But if there’s one thing this wife knows, it’s that being interested in your husband’s interests is good.  And so I can proudly blame him for my coffee addiction love.

For years we’ve used a French Press for multiple cups and the MSR Mugmate for single cups.  My husband is a huge fan of the Toddy Cold Brew System but I don’t like the smooth low-acid flavor.  I really, really like “normal” bitter acidic coffee.  I like to say I like my coffee to taste like cigars.  But I don’t smoke so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  I like to say I like my coffee like my man: powerful and dangerous.  But it’s a joke because my man is like his brew: smooth, understated and unendingly enjoyable.  So I guess I like my coffee to be like nothing else in my life: strong, gritty, rough.

So there’s our dilemma.  He wants a smooth rich cup and I want my bitey dark brew.  Enter: AeroPress.  We both get what we want… all from the same little coffee maker.  Happiness is the perfect cup of coffee.  🙂

We’re happily serving custom cups of coffee to our guests.  So far everyone has loved their AP cups of joe.  We might need a second press so we can brew more cups at the same time.

Product Review

The AeroPress uses air and hand-made pressure to brew espresso-style “shots” of coffee.  It is really easy to assemble and even easier to clean.  Each brew of “shots” can be customized by adjusting the amount of coffee, the grind size (coarseness/fineness), the amount of water, the length of steeping, the duration of pressing, and the temperature of the water.  But don’t let all those options overwhelm you.  The AeroPress is very easy to use.  And it makes great “shots” of coffee that can be used for all kinds of coffee drinks.

The standard brew method recommended by AeroPress is simple.  Insert filter paper in the filter cap. Twist on the main chamber and set on a coffee mug.  Add two scoops of finely ground beans.  Pour in 175F water and stir for 10 seconds.  Wet the plunger and press into the chamber for 20 seconds. And ta-da!  Amazing coffee.

For our custom brews:  I push fully boiling water through my finely ground beans to increase the acidity.  My husband is playing around with the “inverted” brewing method that is all the buzz in the professional coffee brewing world. Each day we are experimenting with variations and each day I am in coffee heaven.

– Easy to assemble        – Easy to use
– Easy to clean               – Customizable brews
– Durable plastic            – Low price (Around $25 – $30)

– Uses double the amount of coffee we were using in our French Press.  We’re going to have to find a cheaper source for good beans.  (Local friends: Want to go in on a wholesale order from Oregon Coffee Roasters? Amazing fresh roasted beans at wholesale prices.)
– Uses special paper Filters.  But they are cheap and come in packs of 350.  Almost a cup a day for a year for around $5. (Amazon price as of June 2013)
– Limited volume. You can’t make a “pot of coffee” quickly.

I’ve been wanting an espresso machine.  Now I don’t need one.  This is better.
At this point:  10 out of 10 for the AeroPress.
We’ll see how the product lasts over time.

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