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Remembering I’m hungry

Remembering I’m hungry

Ps 63v5I walked into the room and everything changed. Instantly gone were the coos and sweet smiles. Suddenly, our baby was crying. Desperately.

In my absence, he had been fine. Happy. Distracted. He had been entertained by other things. By people who love and cherish him. But when he saw me, he remembered. He remembered his hunger. Once he saw me, nothing else mattered. No amount of distraction could make him forget his hunger.

_ _ _

My sweet baby is stirring my heart. We need to remember our hunger.

Isn’t life is full of wonderful, beautiful things? People we love. Giftings we have. Responsibilities we embrace. Things that are part of our Callings. Relationships and roles we’ve been given by God Himself! As we serve our families. As we give our time and hearts to friends and community. Isn’t life bursting at the seams with so many things?!

But, our nourishment doesn’t come from those things. No matter how good they are. Our nourishment comes from God. He is what our souls crave. His Presence. His Person. His relationship with each of us.

And in this life… when we are prone to be distracted, and entertained, and easily waylaid… we need to find ways to remember our hunger. Because life is so full.

_ _ _

Practically, this is why I am part of a Church family. And why I serve there. Why I read my Bible. And listen to sermon and seminary podcasts. Why I like music that is about Him. And books. And art and symbols. It’s why I love to talk about Him. Why I love to be around others who do too.

To fill my days with reminders of Him. Anything and everything I can have around to catch my attention and bring pause to my heart. To stop and remind my soul. He is my food and drink. He is my heartbeat and breath. He is the Source of all I need.

And now I have a new reminder. This baby needing nourishment so often. Father, stir my hunger for You!

You satisfy me more than the richest feast.
I will praise you with songs of joy. (Psalm 63:5 NLT)

_ _ _

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