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People have good reasons

This video made me laugh but it’s not just funny, it also has Truth.  And as I shared on Saturday in my post “Do I have to go to church?”, the Church and the Body of Christ are really important to me.

Willie Moore Jr’s video has made me think.  What are the common reasons people in my community don’t go to church?  From discussions I’ve had with friends over the years it seems there are three main areas:

– Emotional: Some people have had terrible personal experiences with Christians and the Church.  The issues are really diverse… some are offended that Churches talk about money, some are hurt because they were backstabbed by people in a Church, some are in deep pain because they were physically abused.  Some terrible things have been done by people who call themselves Christians but behave like devils.  I cannot reverse what happened to you.  But I am horrified.  I’m so sorry.  Not all people who call themselves Christians are the same. There are actually Christians and Churches that are full of love and health.  I don’t want to be trite, but just like we don’t give up on all potential friends just because one so-called friend did something horrible, I hope you won’t give up on all Christians because of a so-called one.  (On a separate note: when Churches talk about things like money, morality, sex and other hot topics, it’s because the Bible talks about those things.  And here’s the deal:  IF there is a God and IF the Bible is His Word, then it’s worth digging into the Bible to work out why He’s saying what He’s saying.  God isn’t a kill-joy who is out to ruin your life.  He might have legit reasons.)

– Intellectual: Some people have good questions about things like the validity of the Bible as a historical document, the evidence for the life, death & resurrection of Christ, the seeming conflict of science and the creation story, and other intellectual concerns.  These are great questions!  Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to enter a life of suspended disbelief.  Faith and reason go hand-in-hand.  If you have questions like this and want to explore answers, I personally have really enjoyed the research and presentations done by J.P. Moreland. I had the opportunity to review some of his courses and thoroughly enjoyed his discussions about questions I’d had for years.  One other thing I’d like to say about intellectual objections to Christianity: just like the spectrum in humanity, Christians are beautifully unique.  Some may seem to have “blind faith” but the reality is they are not academics and their journey with God doesn’t need what you or I might need.  To accuse all Christians of being stupid, is quite stupid.  Some people go to a doctor for a medical condition and trust what the doctor says.  Some people study to be a doctor.

– Self-governance: Some people don’t want to be told how to live.  Some people really like the life they’ve made for themselves and don’t want to give any of it up.  Fair enough.  That’s totally each person’s choice.  Actually, it’s a gift from God called free-will.  They only down side is, the universe is whirling around us and there are some things beyond our control.  And despite our attempts, this life tends to become our boss.  Good news, if your deck of cards comes tumbling down, God is not offended that you didn’t want Him.  Each day is a new chance with Him.

What is your experience?  Why do you go to Church?  Why do you not go to Church?

6 thoughts on “People have good reasons”

  • Great post! I, too, go to church for a number of reasons. Friends and school initially brought me to church. The fact that it was the first ‘safe place’ for me kept me going. Now fellowship, worship, teaching and sense of community keep me there.

    • Love that you talk about it being a ‘safe place’. I think many people view the church is not safe. But I think it’s always risky to share your life with others. And being in a community really is a safe place because of the way “iron sharpens iron”. Keeps me growing. Hard but good.

    • Thanks for your comment Larry. I see from your blog that you have done a lot of reading in this area. You might enjoy Dr Moreland’s writings as he doesn’t avoid the important questions and objections about the interation of faith with science and faith with reason. All the best.

    • Love those reasons! I can’t imagine life without my church family and the teachings. Thank you for nominating me for the award. I will look into it. Really enjoying reading your blog!

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