Not My Best

I had all the ingredients for a major crash and burn. On Sunday, I was preaching.  On Saturday, I found myself sideswiped by a bug that left me with a string of fevers, a slow incoherent mind, a searing cough, husky voice, and screaming sinus pressure. I spent the day in miserable half-sleep instead of having [...]

Making Peace With My Life

My husband grew a beard.  Overnight. "YOU GREW A BEARD OVERNIGHT?!" I was shocked by the fuzzy face in the mirror as we brushed teeth, side-by-side. "Babe, it's been growing all week." He flashed his gorgeous smile and his eyes sparkled as he laughed at me. "Haven't you looked at me at all this week?" It [...]

Do It Anyway

Several times a year we host big get-togethers.  Summer kick-off (aka Princess birthday party in June), BBQ dinners and fire pit s'mores all summer long, TV premiere parties, movie nights, New Years Eve, Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, birthdays all year round, and any other excuse we can find. "I love that you have gatherings in [...]

Top 10 Faith Inspiring Gifts for Little Kids

Oh how I love things that build Faith, strengthen relationship with Yahweh, and inspire passion for God's Word.  I have my own personal favorite authors, song writers, artists, and speakers.  And I have favorites for teens from our years in youth ministry.  But, until now, I had no idea about kid and family products.  Now [...]

Dull Skies and God Rays

I love Fall morning fog.  I love the slow creeping shroud of stillness.  I love the sense of mystery it brings as it forces me to change my focal point. And, most of all, I love the backdrop fog gives to glory. "God rays" are what they're called in the graphic design world.  Incredible shafts of sunlight that shoot [...]

When You Are Swerved Into

He's not horribly sick anymore.  Now he's just somewhat sick.  His desire to run and jump and wrestle and conquer the world is firing up again.  He's done with being sick.  He thinks he's all better.  And he's chaffing at the way I'm treating him.  He's frustrated that we're still in our home quarantine.  He's [...]

I Exhort You: Shepherd

Someone very special to me is dying.  He is going home soon.  And I've found myself grieving so many things. He is a humble and beautiful man.  A shepherd and leader of thousands.  Honest and transparent.  His life and words have transformed our culture and faith.  He knows the Holy Spirit.  He is a genuine [...]

Not The Oasis I Want

One of my favorite ladies invited me to go on a vacation with her. Woohoo!!!  Words cannot explain how much I want this!  Time with a wonderful friend.  Time away from the hamster wheel of life.  Time to sleep in.  Time to be still.  Time alone with God.  Please. Pleeease. Except, there is no possible [...]