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Our Family Could Grow

Our Family Could Grow

“Mummy, I heard about a girl who doesn’t have a mummy or daddy.” Her sweet voice flowed with emotion. “I think we should bring her to our family because she needs a family and I need a sister.”

Her math is beautiful.  Five-year-old logic is pure and full of hope.

I wish it was that easy.  For every child that needs a family to be connected with a family.  That kind of math is exactly what family-less children need.

I am wishing that actual child adoption had less cost and less red tape.  I wish that children and families could be matched swiftly.  Of course there are dangers and perils to all parties involved.  Of course the procedures are important.  I just wish that no child would have to fall asleep alone tonight.  I wish that tonight every child in the whole world could be hugged and hugged, and tucked into a bed of hope, love, and safety.  That every child could have a family.

Steps of Justice shared a beautiful post about adoption yesterday.  And today my child shared a beautiful adoption hope.  For years we have had a heart for adoption and kept watch in everyday life and in our aid work around the world.  Praying today about children who need families and our family that could love many more children.

This week I heard beautiful and challenging words during a prayer gathering.  She prayed that the Body of Christ would be ready for new family members just like soon-to-be-new-parents prepare for the arrival of their new child.  What a stunningly beautiful concept.  That we would all be preparing for the adoption of new loves.  That our church communities would be nesting and dreaming and longing for new loves.  That our lives would be poised in expectancy.  Excited for new ones to love.  Regardless of their histories.  Regardless of their quirks.  Regardless of their needs.  Because our Family could grow.  In fact, it must.  For we are part of an adopted family that has room for everyone.  Every single one.  In the whole world.

Today I am thinking about loving and love and Yahweh’s passion for all of us to have family.  I’m thinking about churches and individuals.  About faith families and literal ones.

I want to be ready in both spheres.  To have arms open ready.

Father to the fatherless… God places the lonely in families. (Psalm 68:5a, 6a NLT)
Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight (James 1:27a MSG)

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