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GF DF SF Nut Meal Pizza Crust

GF DF SF Nut Meal Pizza Crust

GF PizzaFast, easy, delicious.  My kids love it.  My husband loves it. I love it.  Oh pizza.  You are glorious.  I have missed you so much.

Tonight should have happened a lot sooner.  I finally tried my hand at homemade GF pizza crust.

I have so many restrictions high expectations. No gluten. No yeast. No sugars. No cow-dairy. No soy. No white-rice. And the list goes on but I’ll stop there.  I searched for gf yf sf df pizza crust recipes and found just a handful.  “Grain-Free Foodies” recipe for a nut-flour dough is beautifully simple and was a great springboard for my experiment.

The pizza was a HUGE success with both kids. Hello. I’m shocked!  It’s a huge feat to find something our 2-year-old and almost-5-year-old both like. They LOVE pizza.  But they are used to the wonderful world of gluten pizza crusts.  I was sure they would reject this gf crust.  But they each ate three pieces.  This is major.

The crust had crunch and chew.  It held the toppings without sagging.  The flavor was rich like a whole grain dough.  And our children had a pizza dinner that was protein-filled.  I’m so happy!

Nut meal pizza crustNut Meal Pizza Crust
Gluten-free | Yeast-free | Dairy-free | Sugar-free

MIX together:
2 C almond meal       2 beaten eggs
2 tsp olive oil             1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp italian herbs
1 Tbl corn meal (optional)
Extra corn meal for baking
ADD:  Your favorite gluten-free flour / blend – 1 tsp at a time until the dough forms into a ball.

BAKE: On a pre-heated pizza baking stone sprinkled with 1-2 tsp corn meal, bake at 350F for 20 mins or until edges start to color.

TOP with your favorite toppings.  BAKE at 350F for additional 10-20 mins or until toppings are “done” to your liking.

Let me know how your pizza turns out! What are your fav toppings?

[A note about the recipes found on this blog: These recipes are made with my personal restrictions in mind. Please do your own research about gluten free, dairy free and sugar free ingredients.  I do not guarantee that recipes on this blog are 100% gf df sf.]

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