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Just For Him

Just For Him

Lam 3v24Each little ballerina was beyond ready to dance for their beloveds but traffic was terrible that night and everyone was late for an event no one should be late for. Ballet Recitals are important.  They are so important to a child’s heart.

Eventually the room was all too full of parents and grannies and the show began.  Group by group the music played and each little one faced their loved ones like sunflowers to the sun.

She was the tallest girl.  Obviously the oldest of all the dancers.  A little pigeon-toed and a little awkward.  Not a little girl anymore.  She stood with anxious eyes waiting for her music to start.

Suddenly the main door swung open and a tall bearded man appeared from the night’s rainy darkness.  As if he was the cue, the music began.  He stopped there on “stage” left.  It was too late for him to get to the audience seating.

Her transformation was instantaneous.  Her face became an incredible light of joy.  Her eyes sparkled.  Her smile beamed.  Her daddy had arrived.  Just in time.

That sweet young woman danced just for him.  Just for her daddy.  And his smile beamed back.

It was so desperately beautiful.  Tears streamed down my cheeks and I held back sobs in that room of strangers as I watched someone else’s kid dance.

I know that feeling.  When everything else fades away and nothing matters more than One.  When I realize He is there with me.  Watching me with His love.  Watching my every move because I delight Him.  And I can’t help but turn to Him.  Like nothing else matters.  Because nothing does.

This is how I feel about God.  And this is how I want to feel about God every minute.

Dancing just for Him.  Breathing just for Him.  Living just for Him.

There is simply no one else who transforms me like He does.  I need to remember to dance just for Him.

His great love is new every morning. Lord, how faithful you are! I say to myself, “The LORD is everything I will ever need. So I will put my hope in him.”   (Lamentations 3:23-24 NIrV)

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