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I know. My hair is bad.

Late last night I cut bangs (Aussie: a fringe).

Those who know me well know that I often hack at my hair late at night.  Hair cuts are not part of our budget and I mostly feel fine about that.  Curly hair is very forgiving.  But three times I’ve had to make an emergency hair cut appointments to get it fixed.  The cheapo hair chain I have gone to barely does a better job than me but they do give me symmetry and it only costs me $16.

Last night was not one of those crazy hack jobs.  Last night was a calculated cut.  I’m growing my hair out and it’s reached an awkward in between stage.  My strategy for getting through this awkward season is bangs.

The bangs are not cute.  My hair is now a weird mix of helmet and mullet.  But this hair style is not my choice style… it’s my transition… it’s my best attempt to get to the hair style I want.

I’d like to wear a shirt that says, “Yes I know my hair is bad. It’s just temporary. I’m growing it out.”

Actually the shirt I’d really like to wear says, “Yes I know that I’m bad.  It’s just temporary. I’m growing.”

Some days I’m weird. Awkward. Rude to people.  Many days I say odd things.  I respond without wisdom. I don’t have my act together.  But, it’s just temporary. It’s my transition.  It’s my best attempt to get to where I want to be.

My treatment for chronic Lyme has some side effects.  Some days I’m emotionally unstable.  Some days I have no physical energy.  Some days my bones ache. Some days my hands don’t work. Some days the detox headache is blinding.  Actually it’s not just the treatment, now I look back at my life and see that the Lyme bacteria is the blame for a lot of things. But I have this hope now… I’m on a journey towards healing.  Tomorrow WILL be different.

My hair and my health are great examples of our human journey.  Who we are today is not necessarily who we are happy to be.  Today may be just a transition.  Tomorrow will be different.

My dear friend has a gift of insight and discernment.  Most humans connect with others through sympathy.  She has the rare gift of empathy.  She can, with incredible accuracy, discern what a person is going through regardless of whether she has gone through it herself.  I call it her “superpower” and I often ask her for insights I simply don’t have.  I will never have her powers.  But I do have, thanks to the Holy Spirit, the ability to give grace.

Grace: A temporary immunity or exemption; a reprieve. (American Heritage Dictionary)

What if we simply consider every person to be in transition?  What if we assume who they are today is a step in their journey?  Would we be hurt by others less?  Would our culture become “judgement” free?  Would we end up having a wider scope of friends?  Would all humans have more love in their lives?  Would we also be more aware of our need for Grace?  And in living in the freedom and encouragement of Grace, would we end up growing faster?

For the grace of God has been revealed, bringing salvation to all people. (Titus 2:11)

Grace is the foundation of our relationship with God.  Hmmm. This is such a basic thing. And yet I don’t live it well.  As a daughter of God, I should be overflowing with Grace.  Grace should be my default.  Grace should be my new name.

I’m happy now for my bad hair season.  This morning as I tried to style it, I was reminded again:  Give Grace!

How is your Grace ability?  Do you give yourself and others the Grace they (don’t) deserve?  What is your journey in this?

Want to read through the Bible with me? Today’s readings are Psalm 46, 47; Luke 24:35-53

4 thoughts on “I know. My hair is bad.”

  • Love it! I’ve been thinking something similar too… I may be broken, but I’m not the same kind of broken I was last year. It’s hard to peg me down as “the guy who…” because I’m hopefully fixing my brokenness and becoming less broken.

    If you need an easy hair-cut, 20 minutes and my razor can fix you right up! Not sure if you’d be happy with the result, but you’ll definitely get symmetry! 😉

  • I have learned to pick my battles wisely, give grace freely so I can live in peace with myself and others….I’m not perfect at it yet but closer than I was yesterday!! 🙂

    • You are someone who I see embodying grace and love every day. You’re not afraid to speak truth but you also see people with God’s eyes of love. You inspired me in so many ways.

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