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GF DF SF Pancakes

GF DF SF Pancakes

Pancakes 1When our little ones realize it’s Saturday morning, they explode with joy.  “It’s Saturday! Yay! Family Breakfast!!”  We started our Saturday Family Breakfast tradition when our first was still a baby.  We started it to give our family a weekly touchpoint for years to come.  We gather together now so that we will gather together always.  That’s the dream in our hearts.

For years our Family Breakfast menu consisted of Green (not-so-hidden spinach) Applesauce Sweet Potato Blueberry Pancakes.  We had perfected the recipe so the pancakes were loaded with nutrients.  Then, down came the gluten-free boot.  For the past year, every Saturday morning has been a GF pancake experiment.  Good thing maple syrup and coconut oil makes everything taste “good.”

The one problem I kept having was the pancakes wouldn’t cook through.  No matter how long they sat on the griddle, the insides remained as goo.  Well, this morning I decided to give up on my nutrient-packing crusade and tried for a simple lovely enjoyable pancake. I also had to let go of my dream of thick fluffy American-style pancakes and embrace the reality that GF DF SF pancakes are flat.  So Swedish-esque it is!

This weekend we landed on a GF DF SF pancake winner!  Thin, flavorful, and cooked all the way through.  At last!

GF DF SF Thin Pancakes
Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Sugar-Free

1 C coconut milk                      1 T lemon juice
1.5 C GF Flour                          1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda                1/4 C flaxmeal
1/4 tsp salt                                1 T coconut sap
1/2 – 1 tsp cinnamon               2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla                              1/4 C coconut oil
water as needed                      1/2 – 1 C frozen wild blueberries

– Add lemon juice to coconut milk and briefly wisk.  (This creates a quasi buttermilk. Baking soda needs an acid to react with.  Want to know the science? Check out this great post on Serious Eats.)
– Combine dry ingredients and set aside.
– Melt coconut oil
– Add eggs and vanilla to milk mixture.
– Stir wet ingredients and coconut oil into dry.  Let sit while you heat up your griddle.  Add water to thin batter out as needed.
– Add 1/4 C or less amounts to your coconut oiled griddle.  Cook them as you would normal pancakes.
– Optional: Sprinkle blueberries on while first side cooks.  Alternatively, top cooked pancakes with berries.

Serve with coconut oil and maple syrup.  (Omit maple syrup for sugars-free.)

[A note about the recipes found on this blog: These recipes are made with my personal restrictions in mind. Please do your own research about gluten free, dairy free and sugar free ingredients.  I do not guarantee that recipes on this blog are 100% gf df sf.]

2 thoughts on “GF DF SF Pancakes”

  • I have trouble with GF pancakes, too! It seems like they should be easy, but they aren’t. Because we don’t worry about the dairy much or the soy at all, we buy Pamela’s Pancake mix and like it a lot. Not quite like regular, but pretty delicious.

    The flour blend I buy has xanthan gum and pectin added in; the pancakes from it are HORRIBLE.

    • I’ve wanted to try Pamela’s mix! If only they could do a dairy free version. I’ve tried a few mixes but many have garbanzo flour for which I seem to have a superpower of detection. Nothing worse than chocolate cookies that taste like hummus. So what does the pectin do?

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