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Fig & Honey Frozen Goat Yogurt

Fig & Honey Frozen Goat Yogurt

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Yesterday summer came to town.  And stirred up my ice cream desire.

I love ice cream.  Rich and creamy.  Smothered in chocolate shell and toasted almonds.  I am drooling now. Oh ice cream. I miss you.

Today was even hotter than yesterday.  Begging for the consumption of cold treats.  Of course, I declared my dairy-free ice cream dreams on facebook.  A lovely friend responded to my cry and has loaned us her Ice-Cream Maker!  So tonight, armed with ice, salt and just a small amount of research, we churned out a couple batches of DF frozen experiments.  First is an almond milk & goat yogurt blend.  The second is a coconut milk blend. (This second batch didn’t freeze in the machine so now I’m trying the freezer / stir method.  If it works, I’ll post that recipe this week too!)  But, back to the first batch because it is awesome!!

We have fresh figs that I have been trying to sneak into every meal.  (I heart figs on a major level. But that’s a whole other topic.)  My taste buds suggested that honey and cinnamon would be delicious with figs in goat yogurt.  They were right.

As per my usual process for allergy-avoidant-cooking-experiments, I looked at a bunch of recipes and got a feel for the key elements.  I especially love ChocolateCoveredKatie’s super simple Four-Ingredient Ice Cream and WeekOfMenu’s even simpler Honey Peach Frozen Yogurt.  I decided to use almond milk as the base plus some goat yogurt to boost the creaminess.  From there I just added ingredients to the milk and tasted.  Added more, and tasted.  Added more, and tasted.  Smiled, and put the mixture in the machine for churning.

One interesting note:  A delicious mistake happened!  For some reason I decided to use coconut oil.  I don’t know why.  My brain thought it was a good idea.  I mixed the coconut oil and honey together and then tried to combine it with some of the milk.  Kind of like you would for cornstarch.  But it didn’t work.  The cold milk would not mix with the hardening honey and oil.  So in the end I just threw it all in and whisked with a fork.  The wonderful thing is the honey and coconut oil made little frozen crystals of sweetness throughout the ice cream!  It is a delightful taste burst amidst the tangy yogurt.  And the frozen pieces of fig are amazing.  It’s really delicious.  I keep going back to the freezer and stealing scoops. Did I already say: delicious!!?!

GF | CDF | SF | CF

– 2C almond milk                                     – 1C goat yogurt
– 1/2 tsp+ cinnamon                               – 1.5 tsp vanilla
– 1 pkt stevia (almost 1/2 tsp)               – pinch salt
– 1/8C coconut oil                                    – 1/4C honey
– 1/4C to 1/2C chopped fresh black figs (or another berry / mix-in)

1. Combine milk and yogurt.  Add cinnamon, vanilla, stevia and salt.
2. Mix coconut oil and honey together to make a paste.  Add to milk mixture and whisk to combine.
3. Add chopped figs or other fruit.
4. Follow Ice-Cream Maker directions.  Or freeze using a freezer / stir method.

What do you think?

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