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Dark Room Moment

Dark Room Moment

Songs 8v14Their little coughs are the only noise. The baby monitor indicator is the only light source. I’m hoping that if I sit here in dark silence, they will both fall asleep. I hate it when my babies are sick.

Now the 2-year-old is meowing. Better than crying, I say. Still, I really hope his cat conversation doesn’t keep his sister awake. Oh good, he stopped.

A cough here and there. And now, total silence. They are actually asleep. Sick kids sleeping is a small miracle.

Well. This is my chance. Alone time. I have a bunch of things I need to pray about. I need to hear from Yahweh. Our family is at a crossroads, again, and we need direction or at least peace to wait if He says to. Yes I really need to have some solid quiet alone time with my Father God.

But The Voice is on now. And there are dishes to do. And laundry. And our budgeting spreadsheet. And new blueberry stains in the carpet I need to work on. And a book I’m partly way through. And…

I hate seeing my flesh blatantly like this. This is not one of those “hindsight is 20/20” situations. I can see this moment unfolding with total clarity. Right now. As I type this.

I’m hoping something will interrupt me. Some emergency phone call. Or my husband’s meeting ending early. But there’s nothing…


Dark room of silence. Prayer journal. Holy Spirit. Ok. Thank you for making this moment. I get the hint. Sorry.

Come away with me, my love. (Song of Solomon 8:14)

How is your day? Any sacred time and space pop up in your life lately? In the midst of crazy life, how do you make time to pray and be with Yahweh?

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  • Gosh, I love, resonate with and appreciate this blog. Yet again: I am so graciously pointed right back to Jesus. I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s “one thousand gifts” right now and just finished chapter 4 yesterday, which is all about time and what to do with it. So convicting and inspiring. But here I am at 10:27, having worked a 9 1/2 hr day, sent some emails, listened to a podcast, gotten caught up on my Facebook and twitter, made a phone call, sent some texts, been to the bank, even exercised, read your blog…but no still time with God yet at all. And now I’m exhausted. Lord, help me! Deliver me from the madness! Help me do tomorrow differently!
    Love you, friend. So encouraged, inspired, sharpened by you…as always.

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