What to do about Halloween

"It's October!" My kiddo squealed. "I'm so excited about Halloween!" And here we go again... Halloween.  Nothing holds greater power to make good friends bitter enemies than Halloween. It's a clear-cut issue.  Halloween is the funnest day of the year... totally evil... dress-up fun... of the devil... time to be silly... time to be vigilant... [...]

Like My Son Lives For Candy

He's almost three.  Part baby. Part man.  He still runs to mummy when he gets hurt.  But he also runs into the power of having choice and control and adventure.  I love this age.  Cute, spunky and he says the most glorious things.  This is the age I'd like to freeze him in forever.  Except, a fully [...]

When Hope Vanishes

"I don't want to keep living this way." I prayed honestly. "Have I failed you?" The Holy Spirit asked me. I was praying about an amazing job my husband had applied for.  It seemed like the perfect fit for him.  And, to be honest, we are beyond ready for the lifestyle a traditional job brings.  So [...]

Beautiful Expectations

This post contains associate links. No additional costs are added.  "And don't forgot a note!" She sang at me while I packed her lunchbox this morning. "A note for my lunchbox!" I had tucked a note into her lunchbox on her first day of school last week.  And I wrote a note for her second day too. [...]

Open Blinds

"Everyone opens their blinds in the morning. It's weird that you have them closed." His judgmental tone rang in my ears as he went around the room and pulled open all the bent and broken metal blinds. He was happy.  I was not. The "Youth House" was on the corner of the church property.  A busy [...]

Oikouros: Keeper of the home

It's not that I'm ungrateful. It's not that I want anything to change. It's just that this is a different life than I expected. It's noon and so far I have sorted two loads of clean laundry, tidied rooms, done dishes, changed a pee diaper, changed a poop diaper, vacuumed, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, put [...]

My Father

"Have you asked God about it?" My dad's kind and gentle eyes looked right into my heart. He could have shouted, "NO WAY!" He could have declared, "No daughter of mine will have a pierced eyebrow!" He could have pleaded, "Please don't." I was prepared for all of those scenarios. Instead, my Father had lovingly [...]

I Don’t Need Help

He said the same words I've heard hundreds of times, "Do you need any help out today?" "No, I'm fine thanks." Came my automatic reply as I tried to pick up our over-tired 2-year-old and get the attention of our day-dreaming almost-5. Because, I don't NEED help.  I got this.  I mean, I have no excuse [...]