Need A Game Changer?

It's September. Another glorious Seattle summer is over. Leaves are trading their greens for orange. Kids are headed back to school. And we are all settling into our Fall routines. Going back to our "normal lives." In Luke 4:14-22, Jesus went back to his hometown-- a place that had been his "normal life" for years. Except that Sabbath day, things didn't go as normal. [...]

To Be Close To Him

Nothing got done today. Dishes fill the sink and the counter. Bills and medical insurance claims sit untouched. There is no dinner simmering. No cleaning being done. No laundry being washed. No projects getting worked on. I simply haven't had time or energy. Or hands. Our baby likes to be held.  All the time.  All. The. Time.  Day [...]


After a year of sharing my faith journey on my blog, ColoursOfColor, I wanted to share more. I love to share life. I love to share journeys.  I love to share resources, ideas, short-cuts.  Anything that can help us thrive in our journeys as women, sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, learners, mentors. Here's the thing: I am [...]