What to do about Halloween

"It's October!" My kiddo squealed. "I'm so excited about Halloween!" And here we go again... Halloween.  Nothing holds greater power to make good friends bitter enemies than Halloween. It's a clear-cut issue.  Halloween is the funnest day of the year... totally evil... dress-up fun... of the devil... time to be silly... time to be vigilant... [...]

When God Doesn’t Give Me What I Want

I handed him his breakfast but something was wrong. His usual cheery "Thank you Mummy!" didn't happen.  In its place: an epic meltdown. "But I waaa-aaaant them in a rouuuund bluuuuuue boooohhh-bowl!" He crumpled to the floor and sobbed into his arms. Thus began an hour-long wrestle with my gorgeous child. We have a round [...]

10 Gifts To Bring Hope

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  But for struggling families, Christmas can be a huge stress. I was recently asked what kind of gifts helped us during seasons of need so I thought I'd share giving ideas for families in need. We have personally experienced all of these gifts first hand and each made a huge [...]

Making Peace With My Life

My husband grew a beard.  Overnight. "YOU GREW A BEARD OVERNIGHT?!" I was shocked by the fuzzy face in the mirror as we brushed teeth, side-by-side. "Babe, it's been growing all week." He flashed his gorgeous smile and his eyes sparkled as he laughed at me. "Haven't you looked at me at all this week?" It [...]

Do It Anyway

Several times a year we host big get-togethers.  Summer kick-off (aka Princess birthday party in June), BBQ dinners and fire pit s'mores all summer long, TV premiere parties, movie nights, New Years Eve, Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, birthdays all year round, and any other excuse we can find. "I love that you have gatherings in [...]

Top 10 Faith Inspiring Gifts for Little Kids

Oh how I love things that build Faith, strengthen relationship with Yahweh, and inspire passion for God's Word.  I have my own personal favorite authors, song writers, artists, and speakers.  And I have favorites for teens from our years in youth ministry.  But, until now, I had no idea about kid and family products.  Now [...]

Our Family Could Grow

"Mummy, I heard about a girl who doesn't have a mummy or daddy." Her sweet voice flowed with emotion. "I think we should bring her to our family because she needs a family and I need a sister." Her math is beautiful.  Five-year-old logic is pure and full of hope. I wish it was that [...]

Like My Son Lives For Candy

He's almost three.  Part baby. Part man.  He still runs to mummy when he gets hurt.  But he also runs into the power of having choice and control and adventure.  I love this age.  Cute, spunky and he says the most glorious things.  This is the age I'd like to freeze him in forever.  Except, a fully [...]