Brown Bananas and Hope

Long story, short: A sudden appearance of fruit flies forced me to move all our fruit into the fridge. Fruit flies make me crazy. I get great joy each morning to see how many of the buggers have been caught in my apple cider vinegar ramekin trap. I enjoy seeing the death of pestilence. That's normal, right?! [...]

10 Gifts That Encourage During Hard Times

Have someone on your gift list who is in a season of illness, grief, or difficult times?  Here are 10 gift ideas that are soothing and encouraging.  They are practical, helpful, wholesome, and inspiring.  They have been my favorite things in my current season fighting chronic illness. Click underlined affiliate shopping links to purchase online. [...]

Changed vision

I walked past a lot of people at the Mall yesterday.  They were walking, chatting, eating, smiling, shopping, planning, dreaming and living life.  A new feeling smacked at my heart but I don't know a word that encompasses it. I've been hesitating to write about it because I feel this will be easily misunderstood.  So [...]