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A Beloved Limping Distraction

Matt 5v46She limped across the busy four-lane road.
Her hair wild.
A coat on despite the day’s heat.
Head down.
A heavy load.

Her passing by broke my train of thought

I fleetingly wondered where she had come from.

Where could she be going in this sketchy part of town?

And God grabbed my heart.

_ _ _

I have been asked to pray for a project and consider being involved.

Today as I drove through the city, I prayed.

I prayed about the project.

And I complained.  “It’s like herding cats!” I told God, like He didn’t know. “The whole idea exhausts me!”

I prayed for someone else to do it.

I prayed about the projects I wanted to do instead.

I prayed that I could do something more valuable.

That’s when I saw her.

My foot on the clutch, waiting for the light to change.  She disrupted my selfish prayers.

And God grabbed my heart.

You want to do something “more valuable” than loving the people I love?

And then I felt His love for her.  My eyes stung with tears.

My mind saw all the people involved in the project I am trying to avoid.  And I felt how much He loves each of them.

How foolish I am.  To pray for myself and my place in a project without praying to know God’s heart first.

_ _ _

Praying with a new heart now.  Without this terrible attitude affecting my heart to speak and my ears to hear.

If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that. (Matt 5:46 Msg)

How are you?  How are your chats with Yahweh?  Is there anything affecting the way you pray and hear Him?

What do you think?

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