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10 Gifts That Encourage During Hard Times

10 Gifts That Encourage During Hard Times

Have someone on your gift list who is in a season of illness, grief, or difficult times?  Here are 10 gift ideas that are soothing and encouraging.  They are practical, helpful, wholesome, and inspiring.  They have been my favorite things in my current season fighting chronic illness.

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screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-5-09-15-pm#1 “Where Eagles Soar” by Jamie Buckingham:
This amazing book is about walking with God through hard times.  In my journey of chronic illness, this book has been comfort and medicine for my soul.  Jamie’s stories are diverse and fascinating, making this book a really interesting read as well as incredibly ministering.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough!


#2 Worship CD or Music Gift Card:
My Current fav:  “Frontiers” by Vertical Church Band
What is it about soulful worship music that transports humans out of earthly worries and into His peaceful Presence? I have a worship playlist set up for when pain flares and my heart worries.  Those songs have become so important to my heart.  The rhythms and melodies are so soothing and the words are reminders of the hope I have in Him.  I love “Set My Heart on the Frontiers album.

#3 Psalms and Proverbs 31 Day Devotional (The Passion Translation):
A dear friend recently gave this to me and it is such an encouragement.  She suggested I use the passages to pray for myself.  This translation’s wording is beautiful and inspiring!



#4 Alaffia Everyday Coconut Body Lotion:
This is my FAV body lotion. I use it year-round (amazing hydration even in the winter!) and because it has a low, neutral scent, my husband loves it too.  It’s great for all skin types and ages.  Best of all, it is FREE of parabens, sulfates, heavy-metals and other toxic ingredients!  Alaffia has a great range of safer personal care products for the whole family.


#5 Essential Oil Diffuser: Instead of scented candles (many have toxic “fragrance” ingredients and wicks containing lead!), give the gift of safer home scents.

My favorite oils to diffuse are “Serenity” and “OnGuard” by Doterra Oils.


#6 Hot/Cold Therapy Pack:
A reusable rice-filled pack is an amazing help for coping with chronic pain.  Also wonderful for warming feet in cold winter beds! This pack can be heated or cooled.  It’s great to have a couple so you can reheat one while using the other.


screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-01-18-pm#7 Lip Conditioner by Beautycounter:
This lip balm is deeply hydrating and is made without harmful, toxic ingredients!  Comes in soothing Calendula and refreshing Peppermint.

Beautycounter has a full range of Skin Care, Body Care, Kids & Baby Care, and Makeup.  They are dedicated to safer products that are also effective, and never use more than 1500 harmful ingredients!


#8 Journal:
I love the possibilities that come with a new, fresh, blank journal. It reminds me: Each day is a fresh start. Yahweh’s mercies are new every morning. My journey is not over. There are so many possibilities today!

Add some fun pens and a bookstore gift card to make a gift set.

#9 Organic Rooibos Tea:
This South African herbal tea is so comforting and has restorative properties. It is perfect hot on a cold day, and wonderful iced in the summer.  It’s often served with fresh lemon and honey.

Add some local honey, a fresh lemon and a cute mug to make a gift set.




#10 Glass Water Bottle:
Switching from plastics to safer bottles like glass means reducing toxic exposure which is very important for people battling chronic illness.  To make a gift set, add some quality hydration powder like DripDrop and some delicious nutrition bars like Go Macro.


I hope these ideas inspire your gift giving for loved ones in difficult times.  In my personal experience, it has meant so much when people remember me and encouraging gifts have been so boosting.

What do you think?

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